Hello dear visitor. This is Theresa. I do illustration and graphicdesign, as well as animation and video. I love color, concept and the combination of both. For work or collaboration please drop me a line.


Exhibition at SOHO in Ottakring 2018
/art festival at Viennas Sandleitenhof

Guided Tours (in german language):
So 3.6. 18-19:30 Uhr
Sa 9.6. 18-19:30 Uhr

Utopian Flags – Utopian Ideas

with texts and ideas by:
Luna Al-Mousli
Elias Hirschl
Judith Nika Pfeifer
Gerhard Ruiss
Jakob Zerbes
and more

The Flags of Utopia will be hoisted during the festival SOHO in Ottakring in and around Sandleitenhof. With each flag an utopian idea is being presented. On two days those can be discoverd in the course of a guided tour.

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Theresa Hattinger
Illustration & Design