Flags of Utopia is an artistic intervention in which previously nonexistent flags loaded with socio-political or artistic content are hoisted in public space.
The fourth edition of this travelling exhibition concept was hosted by kollektiv raum in Bregenz.

During a four-week residency the exhibition room became an open studio in which the flags were developed and sewn. The artistic process, was highly influenced by local topics, observations and in exchange with visitors and fellow artists from or residing in Bregenz. 

The climax of the exhibition was a two-hour performative flagwalk through Bregenz downtown.

performance flagwalk:
Vivienne Causemann (Vorarlberger Landestheater)
Felix Defèr (Vorarlberger Landestheater)
Silvia Salzmann

concept flagwalk:
Vivienne Causemann
Felix Defèr
Theresa Hattinger
Sarah Mistura
Silvia Salzmann
Kirstin Tödtling

text: Daniela Egger
photos: Kirstin Tödtling (studio haesel)
video: sarah Mistura (studio haesel

hosted by kollektiv raum Bregenz