Hello dear visitor. This is Theresa. I do illustration and graphicdesign, as well as animation and video. I love color, concept and the combination of both. For work or collaboration please drop me a line.

I'm Theresa Hattinger an illustrator, designer, animator and maker of things.

While my focus lies on editorial design, illustration and animation, I follow an interdisciplinary design principle and also engage in setdesign, printmaking or selfcommissioned projects. All my works, however have in common the intuitive affection for concept, boldness, color and humour.

With stations in Berlin, Havana, Eindhoven, Leipzig and Salzburg I studied graphicdesign and stagedesign mostly at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Garde Magazine
Vienna Design Week
Creative Mornings

photo by Shirin Omran
Theresa Hattinger
Illustration & Design