Exhibition at the festival headquarter of Vienna Design Week 2018

Raising flags in public space always involves asserting a claim on a signifcant location. But who has the right to co-opt it? And which forms of such prestige do we encounter in our daily urban lives? Does the sense of allegiance to a particular flag end at the border of a city, country, or company? Is a flag synonymous with a canon of values? And can we choose them ourselves?

FLAGS OF UTOPIA is supposed to inspire literally ruthless thinking, to rattle without any taboos on deadlocked systems and to show possibilities outside the realizable. What happens when you put together the recurring shapes of flags in new constellations? A process that works both formally and in terms of content: our states, social systems and models of social coexistence have similarly prefabricated structures. How can we maintain what is valuable and change what bothers us?

For VIENNA DESIGN WEEK the flags dealt with the highly complex field of Postcapitalism. But in a very simple and tempting way.

Watch the videos below to get some insight.

Article in Schaufenster – Die Presse
Vienna Design Week

Sound by Jeremias Altmann