at Tangente St. Pölten

in collaboration with
Biennale Urbana (Festival Center/Production), Elisabeth Pérez (Street Art) & Davide Tagliabue (Structures)

Road Furniture is a sculptural intervention in public space, particularly on Linzer Straße in the center of St. Pölten, which temporarily becomes a pedestrian area.

Road Furniture utilizes recycled materials sourced from standard traffic guidance systems, bearing visible traces of their former function. This material is then transformed, breaking away from its usual linear limitations, and turned into practical furniture items which invite people to pause and interact, acknowledging the profound political implications of simply taking a seat. The graphics aim to prompt inquiries or perhaps evoke contemplation. Instead of issuing regulations, they serve as catalysts for reflection.

Traditional traffic guidance usually convey authority and rules – primarily to motorized users. In contrast, Road Furniture celebrates unexplored possibilities, potential, and playfulness. It poses the question: Who truly owns the road? Isn't it collectively ours?