The tradition of building exhibitions is already over 100 years old: in the middle of the 19th century, it became customary to present innovations in building technology in world exhibitions as well. Since then, there have been a number of international building exhibitions at irregular intervals.

The IBA_Vienna 2022 is the first international building exhibition to be launched in Vienna. Vienna has set itself the task of developing groundbreaking solutions and approaches to the challenges of our time. The focus is on the theme of "new social housing".

On the site of the former Nordwestbahnhof in Vienna's 20th district, a new district is to be built in stages from 2024 onwards. The Nordwestbahnhalle in the north of the area will serve as an exhibition centre for the period of the final presentation of the Vienna International Building Exhibition 2022.

Accompanying the main exhibtion at Nordwestbahnhof with its large amount of interactive installations and signage in- and outside, there is an exhibtion satellite at Seestadt. A variety of print media including a City travel guide, two program folders and nine detachable city maps were designed. Throughout the city you can find six installative furnitures in public place, a 5-part photographic Key Visual shown on- and offline and a printed tramway.

exhibtion design/graphic design

concept and exhibition design in collaboration with:
Tracing Spaces (Michael Hieslmair and Michael Zinganel)

exhibition architecture:
Tracing Spaces (Michael Hieslmair and Michael Zinganel)

graphic support:
Studio Sirene (Jana Frantal and Maria Kanzler)

publication design:
Polimekanos (Lisa Stephanides)

axonometries/district maps:
Kraut Kollektiv

© IBA_Wien/ Y. Fetz, StudioF
© IBA_Wien/ J. Fetz, StudioF
© IBA_Wien/ L. Schedl
© IBA_Wien/ C. Pospischil
© Luiza Puiu
© W. Thaler (Key Visual)