An exhibition (and playground) for people from 0–4 in february 2024 at viktoria in 1150 Vienna. Curated by Johanna Pichlbauer and Gabriel Roland.

With works by Amelie Bachfischer, Adnan Balčinović, Alexandre Delasalle, Lisa Edi, Diego Faivre, Sarah Franzl, Kiki Furlan, Studio Högl Borowski, Flora Lechner, Anna Lerchbaumer, Frank Maria, Johanna Pichlbauer,  Svenja Plaas, Stefan Reiterer,  Johanna Charlotte Trede, Breaded Escalope, Thomas Waidhofer and myself.

Next to the poster and exhibition graphics I participated with three textile sculptures, which surprisingly endured the heavy use.

on site photos by Johanna Pichlbauer